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Who is Chandrankit Sharma ?

Chandrankit Sharma, a distinguished magician and mentalist, known for redefining magic with enchanting performances, including "The Madzik Show," which has seen tremendous success in corporate and entertainment realms. With a Gold Medal in Mechanical Engineering, he transitioned from Infosys Ltd. to pursue magic full-time. Performing globally, he not only entertains but also promotes the art, challenging stereotypes about "Indian Magic." Committed to sharing magic's functional aspects, he provides insights into perception, assumption, awareness, and influence through practical demonstrations, simplifying daily life intricacies.

Dive into the Intriguing World of Mentalism

Explore the mystique of mentalism—where mind-bending acts, psychology, and showmanship converge. From captivating predictions to impossible mind reading, join us for a spellbinding journey into the extraordinary. Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring experience that challenges perception and leaves audiences astounded. Welcome to the intriguing world of mentalism.