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Mind-Bending Escapades


Chandrankit Sharma

Chandrankit Sharma is a distinguished magician and mentalist, renowned for his enchanting performances that redefine the essence of magic. His exclusive "The Madzik Show" has garnered immense success in major corporate and entertainment spheres. Holding a Gold Medal in Mechanical engineering, Chandrankit transitioned from a career at Infosys Ltd. to follow his passion for magic full-time. Having performed for audiences in the USA, UK, Belgium, Dubai, and India, he is not just an entertainer but a promoter of the art, challenging stereotypes about "Indian Magic."
Chandrankit is committed to sharing the functional aspects of magic, offering insights into perception, assumption, awareness, and influence through practical and visual effects, simplifying the intricacies of daily life

Why Chandrankit Sharma

for your next Corporate Event?

Chandrankit Sharma's highly interactive performances blend a unique and intellectual style, captivating audiences globally with "The Madzik Show." With a diverse international experience, including audiences in  the USA, UK, Belgium, Dubai, and India, he brings a wealth of expertise to your event. Beyond entertainment, Chandrankit shares educational insights into magic's functional aspects, making his shows both enlightening and enjoyable. As a highly interactive storyteller using visual effects, he simplifies complex concepts like perception and influence. Tailored for corporate events, his performances seamlessly integrate key messages, themes, or product launches, ensuring a customized and impactful experience for your audience.

Entertained on stage for...

Chandrankit is a renowned magician and mentalist who believes in creating magic. With a very unique and intellectual style, Chandrankit's Magic and Mentalism exclusive "The Madzik Show" has been a huge hit among the major corporate and entertainment industry.