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Private Events

Pick where you want the

magic trick to unfold

Close-up Magic & Mentalism Show:

This ultra-modern close-up magic and mentalism show takes place in an intimate, close-up setting. There are no stages; instead, mind-bending tricks unfold right before your eyes, revealing thoughts, names, and even ATM pins. This cutting-edge experience is perfect for private events leaving audiences in awe with unforgettable memories.

The Madzik Show Live:

Chandrankit's highly interactive and engaging stage show, designed for large gatherings, transforms the event into a theater-like experience. This captivating performance seamlessly combines illusions, mentalism, and elite humor, involving the entire audience and select participants for an unforgettable evening of wonder and laughter.

Virtual Show:

Experience Chandrankit's "The Virtual Madzik Show" tailored for virtual spaces. This online extravaganza mirrors live magic with high interactivity. Chandrankit weaves illusions into your screen, creating a spellbinding digital realm. For members in different locations, our solution ensures seamless connectivity for a shared enchanting experience.

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